Thursday, December 21, 2006

On the FBC 2007 Horizon

Here's a few things on the books for First Baptist in 2007...

Vision Sunday, January 7th 2007
– I will be sharing what God has placed on my heart for the future of First Baptist. I want to give the people something to grab hold of and work towards.

Deacon Family Ministry – This ministry of the deacons will be a great aid to me and will help us close the “back door” of the church by keeping in better contact with our members. All the church members will be assigned to a specific deacon who will be responsible for maintaining the relationship and meeting any needs they may have.

Construction of the Life Enrichment Center – We will see the LEC completed by the end of 2007. This has been a long-term dream for our church, and it will be wonderful to see God bring it to completion. The LEC will be a fantastic way for our church to reach out to the community. It is a multi-function building with a gym, stage area, classrooms, and a kitchen.

Membership Discovery Class - We will be working towards the development of a membership class that would be a prerequisite for joining the church. In this class we would share our beliefs, what it means to be a church member (expectations), how the church operates, and how a person can be involved. I think this will be a definite plus for the church when it comes to the commitment and retention of new members.

I've got a few other things in the works that I'll share with you as the church works through them.

I'm signing off for this year...See you next year.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas and Pastoring

You'd think these two things fit very nicely together. And they do. I only have one question though. How in the world do you go thru the Christmas season as a pastor and not gain 20 pounds??? I've really lost track of how many Christmas parties I've been to. Every group in the church has a party and they all expect you to be there. They also expect you to eat. A lot.

Let me guess...that's what new year's resolutions are for...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Church Signs

This page is really great. I've wasted hours just looking at all the really stupid messages and slogans that get put on church signs.

The church I pastor has a church sign that has interchangeable letters (so we could conceivable put those great messages out), but we only put the service times and pastor's name (like that's really important) on the sign.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scout is here...

We got our new pup. We named her Scout. Here's some pics...

Monday, November 20, 2006

It's Snowing

Today is November 20th, and the snow is pouring down outside. This is fantastic. I haven't seen snow in a long time. We've lived in Dallas the last 4 years and I think we only had one snow in 4 years. Last year at Thanksgiving time it was about 80 degrees in Dallas. I love living in Tennessee where it snows at Thanksgiving.

Humanity never changes

I watched the 4th quarter of the Chargers-Broncos last night after our Community Thanksgiving service. As a side note, when Emily saw the team initials "SD" beside the Chargers' score on the TV she said as serious as could be, "What do all those football players do in South Dakota when they're not playing football?" I just said, "I guess they go hang out in San Diego."

Back to what I was going to say...The Chargers were up by 8 points with a little over a minute remaining and Denver had the ball on their own 4 yard line, so they have to go 96 yards for the touchdown and score the 2 point conversion. Practically impossible, but the Broncos got a big play and move the ball out to the 40, and then one of the Chargers defensive linemen got man and started punching a Broncos player. That got him ejected and gave the Broncos another 15 yards on the penalty.

Who's team is this guy playing on? It's not about his petty revenge on some other player. It's about the team winning. When will we ever figure out that everything is not about us? For that guy it was about his team winning the football game.

For Christians out there...this whole thing is not about you. It's all for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Get over yourself and starting playing for the team. Let go of grudges and forgive.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Community Thanksgiving Service

I was asked several weeks ago to preach at the community wide Thanksgiving service this Sunday night (19th). I feel this is a great honor and opportunity. This will probably be about the largest group of people I've ever gotten to preach for, except for that time I filled in for Billy Graham during one of his crusades and the Sunday last year when Charles Stanley called me to fill in for him while he was on vacation.

You can pray for me. The Billy Graham and Charles Stanley things were no prob, but I'm a little nervous about this one.

Later folks...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Toilet Fun

You read that right. I found Luke hanging over the edge of the toilet today with both hands just splashing away.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adventures in Home Ownership

Emily and I are about to finish our second month as home owners this week. Here's some of the joys we've experienced so far...

1. Our house has a built-in grill on the back porch. The first time I went to use it I found a mouse nest with a mamma mouse and 3 babies inside our grill. So I ran the mouse off (unsuccessfully tried to kill it) and gave the grill a good cleaning. A week and a half later I went to grill again and the mouse had come back in the grill and rebuilt the nest!!! This time the mouse did not escape. Victory was mine.

2. I use those glue boards in my garage to catch insects. Here's the list of things I've caught on the glue boards besides insects. 2 birds (they get in the garage and try to eat the insects but get stuck on the glue board), 1 snake (this was a nice catch), 1 mouse.

3. Our house is two stories. Luke has fallen down the stairs.

4. We've been rolled twice.

5. Life is great and God is so gracious. I'm glad to have a house.

Later folks.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Search Words...

I recently checked my website site stats. Here's some of the search queries that people entered into search engines (i.e. Google,, Yahoo, MSN Search, etc.) that ended up leading them to our site...

"nature tithe doug stuart"
"computer basses"
"postexilic judean community/ezra prophecy ceased"
"st102 notes"
"joseph wiles bcm"

Go figure. How does the number 4 bring a person to our site?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Name My New Dog...

Emily, Luke, and I will be getting a puppy in about 4 weeks. Some friends of ours in the church have a dog that just had a litter of 9 pups. It's a pure-breed boxer pup. We're getting a girl.

So...what should we name our new dog? I like the name "Scout."

Tell me what you think.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Some Recent Pics

Em and I wanted to share some recent pics with you. As you can see the youth group has already showed us their "love" for us by rolling our yard, not once, but twice.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Funny Church Videos

This site has some funny videos that are short commentaries about the state of the church in the United States today.

Firefox 2.0 released

Firefox 2.0 has been released. Firefox is a web browser that is becoming a serious challenger to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE). I use Firefox b/c it's so much better than IE. You can download the Firefox browser here.

However, on a similiar note, Microsoft also just released the next version of IE for download from their website. The new version (IE7) is a vast improvement over it's predecessor b/c of it's security enhancements. IE7 also has most of the cool features that make Firefox so good.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting' Back into the Blog

Okay folks, I've been incredibly busy starting this pastoring job. I've practically forgotten about the blog during this time, but I want to keep it up for the millions of you worldwide who thirst for the wisdom from this blog. Yeah right.

I'm going to shut down our website. The website is shutting down because it costs money but this blog is free. Also the purposes of the website were to publish photos for our family to see since we were living far away and to publish my resume for potential churches to be able to download it. Both of those things have changed now.

We'll post our pics on the blog from time to time rather than on the website.

I'm coming up on two months as the pastor of First Baptist Smithville. It's really incredible so far. Emily and I have received so much encouragement from the people, and I'm really enjoying preaching. God has been good to us. I'll post pics soon.

God bless friends....Mark

Monday, August 28, 2006

Gettin' Started

Well this whole blogging deal has fallen to the wayside in light of all that's going on in our lives now. This coming weekend is my first to preach as the offical pastor. Emily and I have signed a contract on a house, and we'll probably get to move in around the 11th of September. So, I'll be commuting for a week until we get moved. It's about a 40 minute drive, so it's not that bad. Hopefully by the end of September we can get set up in the house and I can get my computer out and update our website with some new pictures. I've also got some new heretical papers that I'd like to post:) You'll enjoy reading those.

Monday, August 21, 2006

We're Goin' to Smithville

First Baptist Smithville has called us to come and pastor the church. Our first Sunday is September 3rd. We are really and excited and can't wait to get started. If you prayed for us we really appreciate it.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some dates for you to pray for...

Here's what Emily and I will be doing of the next couple of weeks with the church in Smithville. If you're praying for us sometime you can pray for these events. The purpose of all these events is to allow the church people to get to know us before they vote on the 20th.

Sun. 6th - speaking to youth group in the evening
Mon. 7th - meeting the senior adults for lunch and a time they can ask me questions
Fri. 11th - cookout with a small group from the church
Sun. 13th - church's homecoming; will be there in morning and afternoon; preaching evening
Mon. 14th - meeting in evening with the brotherhood group (men's fellowship)
Sun. 20th - preaching morning service; church votes after service

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Little Road Map

Here's how the next month might pan out for us as we meet with the new church. I'm currently working on a short DVD movie about us that the church will play next Sunday in order to start introducing us to the congregation. We'll be going to preach on Aug 13th and spend the day with the congregation b/c that day is their homecoming service. Then on Aug 20th we'll go preach again and the church will vote after the service on Aug 20th. Assuming they like us, we'll probably start around the beginning of September.

Keith...don't you love suspense???

Smithville, TN

Friday, July 21, 2006

Job Offer...

Emily and I have accepted a job offer to pastor a church. Hurray!!! We will be going sometime in the next couple of weeks to preach and allow the church to vote on us (that's how Baptist's do it). So you can be in prayer about that for us. I'll let you know when we're going....

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hurray for 5 Years

Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary. God has been good to us for the last five years. We celebrated our anniversary by going to the Smoky Mountains and doing some tubing down a river, spending some time at Cades Cove, and relaxing a few other places.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Genesis 1 and Creation Timeline

I've been studying Genesis lately in my time off. As I was studying Genesis 1 a few thoughts occurred to me.

1. The reason Genesis 1 was written is explained in verse 1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." This is the summary statement for the whole chapter. Genesis 1 serves as a record of God's creative activity, and displays that our God is creative. But more than this verse 1 makes a clear statement of fact that God is the one who brought our world into existence, not any other power or force.

2. Genesis 1 does not exist to serve as a timetable so we can figure out the amount of time God used to create the world. First, Biblical Hebrew was a pre-scientific language. The Hebrew language was a very artistic and picturesque language. So, rather than describe exactly and scientifically the amount of time it took God to do his work, the activity of God was described and summed up by days.

3. In biblical interpretation we must allow the author's original purpose of the text to come though in our interpretations. That means we don't force the text to mean something in today's highly scientific world that it didn't mean in Moses' pre-scientific world.

So, what was Moses' purpose? To make a very direct statement that God is the sovereign author of all creation. He is bigger than his creation. So as the Israelites sat poised to take the promised land after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, when they read the account of creation it would cause them to know that God is over all. Also, they would see that other nations were worshipping the mere things (sun, moon, stars, trees, rocks, etc.) that had been created by the God of Israel. Therefore, the gods of the other nations were powerless while the God of Israel was in full and sovereign control.

Does Genesis 1 describe 7 literal 24-hour-days? Maybe, but what does it matter because that was not Moses' purpose in writing Genesis 1. Unfortunately we major on this one point when we come to Gensis 1. Can you see the Israelites as they're about to move into the promised land arguing over whether Moses meant literal days or figurative days? Doubtful. They knew that their God had created the land and so he had the power to give it to them as he was doing. I suppose that will stir you all up and get some fun comments. Don't be too hard on me.

Yard Sale

To keep myself occupied over the past week I've helped Emily's parents clean out the house so they can have a yard sale....and boy have they done a major job. This is literally the biggest yard sale I've ever seen, not that I'm an experienced yard saler. Anyways, tomorrow's the big day, and whatever doesn't sale is going to the dump (that was my one stipulation for doing this can't bring the leftovers back in the house).

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pictures of Luke

Some of you have wanted to see some recent pictures of Luke. Since I can't update our website now, I'll put them on here. Enjoy...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Decision Making???

Do you think the Christian community is valuable in decision making and discerning the will of God? How much should we seek the advice of others? I'm reading a pretty good book about God's will called The Mystery of God's Will.

Our Florida trip was really good. Nice break.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunny Florida

The sunshine state is really nice...except for the hurricane coming our way that blocks out all the sunshine. Going to the Kennedy Space Center today...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tennessee Weather...

Hey folks. I can't say the least bit that I've missed the hot Texas weather. Here in Tennessee the mornings are cool and the afternoons just about perfect. Emily and I have slept with the windows open for the past two nights. Can't say we did that very often in downtown Dallas. Okay enough ragging on the hot Texas weather, where it cools to a lovely 95 degrees at night...

We've had a good first week in Tennessee. We pulled in last Tuesday and unloaded our truck into a storage unit. The two churches we preached for were both very kind and we had good conversations with both pastoral search teams. Now we have to wait as the churches consider some other people also. We need your prayers here b/c one of the churches was very interested in us, but they are a very elderly congregation (only about 5 people under 60 yrs old). This would be a major challenge, and so we need lots of discernment about this one.

On Saturday, Em and I are headed to Florida for a week for a much needed vacation. I'll let all you Texans know how the weather is down there also.


Friday, May 26, 2006

Preachin' Man

In the first week that we're back I'll be preaching at two churches who are considering us to be their pastor. You all can be praying for Emily and I to know if one of these churches is the place where God is leading us. This will probably be the last post for a while with our move coming on Monday, and visiting churches after we get back. See you later world...

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm Feeling Boxed in...

Monday 29th is our move out date, and the boxes have replaced all the pictures on our walls.  We're now about 4 boxes high around the walls of the living room.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Follow Greg's Treatments

I've got a link on the right sidebar to Greg Fay's blog. His family set up this blog for family and friends to keep track of Greg's progress in treating his cancer. I'm the same age as Greg's son, Ian. We grew up together in the same church.

New Photos Up...

I loaded up some new photos to our website last night. Click here to see them. Happy viewing.

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Meditation on Faith...

I read Hebrews 11 in my devo this morning. Verse 1 says, "Faith is the reality of things hoped for, the proof of things not seen." Have you ever stopped to think about how faith could possibly be the reality or the proof of future things???

We don't understand so that we may believe. We believe so that we may understand. The Christian life is faith seeking understanding. As you read Hebrews 11 you find in verse 39 "All these (the people written about in ch. 11) were approved through their faith, but they did not receive what was promised..." The great giants of our religion had only their faith in this lifetime (how's that for you prosperity gospel people???). Their faith was reality and it became their eternal hope upon death.

Chapter 12 tells us that these great giants of faith are now a great cloud of witnesses around us as we make our trek through the world. Will you make your trek by faith???

I haven't dissapeared

Well, it's been a while since I've written. A lot has happened. Both my parents and Emily's parents came down to visit for graduation. I am now master of the theological universe (my degree says something like that). Our church also ordained me as a minister in the Southern Baptist denomination. I have not found the church that Emily and I will be ministering at yet. God will bring it about in his timing.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Close vote...

The church voted in the service this past weekend as to whether or not I should be ordained to the ministry. I had 50.3% of the popular vote but in the electoral college I fell short by a few votes...but they're going to ordain me anyways because I filed a lawsuit to have the hanging chads recounted and it ends up that I got 100% of the vote...close call.

Ordination is on May 13th. Same day as graduation. Same day as Luke's dedication. Geez...who's planning these events???

It is finished

All my classwork is turned in as of today. I can hear the applause. If I passed everything this semester then I'll graduate on May 13. (I hope that's a small if). Later...

Friday, April 28, 2006

Check out this setup...

I found this article on Apple's website. The group of scientists has 50 of the 30" cinema display monitors linked together for a total resolution of around 200 megapixels!!! Anybody want to donate to the Bass fund so I can get this setup in my house? Wait...I don't have a wall big enough. Nevermind.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Research Paper and Easter Pictures

I just posted my senior research paper to our website. You can download it from this page. It's the first paper in the list. If you're actually crazy enough to read it (25 pages) then leave me a note as to what you think. The topic is on divorce and remarriage in the church, and I argue for a certain position.

Elsewhere in the world today...I uploaded some of our Easter pictures.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Jack Needs My Help...

The last several episodes of 24 have been great...except for one little detail that I've thought of. How come Jack never pulled out his fancy little


cell phone in order to make a backup copy of the crazy recording between Logan and Henderson? If he had done that then the problem would have been solved, but I guess that's why he didn't do that b/c then the problem would have been solved...and by the way this is a TV show where they hook you so you come back and watch next week. (Good thing their tactics don't work on me).

Friday, April 14, 2006

New Pics Are Up

I tossed up some new pics on our website yesterday.  Click the link on the right side bar to go to our webpage.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don't Click It...

I found this really cool website that is experimenting with a new User Interface that does not require mouse clicking. If you go to the site give yourself a few minutes to navigate and figure things out.

To visit the "Don't Click It" website, click here (how ironic is that?!?!?).

One Month to Go

Today is April 13th. I graduate on May 13th...but who's counting?

I have one question. All of these people who have taught me over the past several years are called Dr. This and Dr. That (real names withheld to protect the innocent...) because they have earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree. When I graduate next month, I'll have the degree Master of Theology. So here's my one question...since we are calling people by their degree title, will anybody be calling me "Master Bass"? I doubt that will be happening.

Although I'll have the degree Master of Theology, that's not a good description of who I am. As one of my profs told me recently, "When they declare you a Master of Theology...don't you believe it." Seminary has been a great road, and I've learned so much, but it's only the beginning of a journey..................

Monday, April 10, 2006

My Ebay Experience

Emily and I have been on ebay for a year or so now. We don't buy very much and it's always been a really smooth experience so far...until last week.

Emily bought a CD to give to a friend as a b-day gift. We won it for $5 + shipping. Came up to about half price of what we'd pay for it in the store. The CD was described as brand new and sealed in the wrapper...when it came a few days later it was not sealed, the case was scratched and had a hole in it. That would have gone over well as a b-day present.

So, I emailed the seller and he refunded all of our money. We got the CD for free to keep for ourselves, but still don't have the b-day gift.

I still like ebay b/c you can get some fantastic deals.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Gettin' Old...

Today is my 28th birthday...quickly approaching 30...yikes. I'm watching the last round of the Masters tourney and Emily is cooking a big birthday dinner right now for us and some friends. Exciting, eh?

Oak Leaf Church

Many of you have asked about the new church plant in Georgia that we visited in light of possibly joining the staff team. Our visit was good, but Emily and I decided not to go there b/c they've already got the ball rolling and are doing a good job with the 3 guys already committed to the staff.

Here's the website for Oak Leaf Church.
Here's the lead pastor's blog.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last Sermon in Seminary

My last sermon I'll preach in seminary classes will be on Malachi 2:17-3:5. I had to pick an OT passage with some amount of prediction in it. We go over our outlines tomorrow. I think this will be a good sermon to preach. Malachi is a really great book to read (and it's short).

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hangin' at Las Colinas...

Yesterday I got to go help run the AV at one of the seminary's big fund raisers. It was at the Las Colinas club and resort in Irving (near Dallas). The Las Colinas golf course is a stop on the PGA tour every year where the Byron Nelson Championship is played. This year's event will be played on my graduation weekend.

Can I was crazy nice. Although I didn't get to play golf (that costs major $$$ at a donor event) I did sit and watch guys hit into the 18th green. The course was perfectly manicured. Inside the resort there were people everywhere who would serve you. I went into the internet business room to check my email and a tuxedo clad guy comes up to me and asks what he can do for me drink or food wise. At lunch I sat down after getting my food and the waiter immediately comes to pour my tea, and then he takes my cloth napkin and drapes it across my lap...that has NEVER happened to me before. Those type of things always freak me out because I wonder what they are doing. was a fun day, and it makes me want to play a little golf myself. Alas...I shall wait until seminary is finished for those excursions.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Fun Weekend...

The 3 of us had a really fun weekend. We went to Cici's pizza buffet on Friday night (I ate about 3 pounds of pizza). On Saturday Luke had his first swimming class, then we went to the park in the afternoon, and a Texas Rangers baseball game in the evening. Finally, Sunday we did some serious cleaning and throwing out around the house. If you'd like to see some pics from Luke's swim class and from the park, click here to go to our photo page. Later...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's Time to Slim Down...

There was a post on Chip's blog back in February about his need to slim down a little because of his upcoming 10 year high school reunion. Seeing that Chip and I go back a long way (about 28 years now), I can't let him outdo me because I'll be at that same high school reunion this summer. So...I've decided to lose 10 pounds (a modest amount).

I started out really good last Friday. When I went to the gym I weighed in at 195.6. When I left the gym about 2 hours later I weighed 194.0 on the same set of scales. Now that's a weight loss program for you (not sure how that actually happened).

Here's my game plan for the month of April:
1. No cokes (easy). Where I grew up "coke" is the name of any product which falls under the category of soft drinks. If you wanted some drink other than an actual coke-a-cola the conversation would go something like this (What would you like to drink? I'll take a coke. What kind? A Mountain Dew please.) Sorry to get side tracked, but this was an important point :)

2. No desserts (really hard for me to do).

My goal is to be 185 at my seminary graduation on May 13. I wrote all this so you wonderful people can hold me accountable.

As a side note to all of this I was thinking about the times when I go running. I was imagining how much easier and faster I could run if I lost about 20 pounds. My legs would have 20 less pounds of me to carry around. Brilliant thought, huh. If you've actually read all of this random've got a lot of free time.

Baby Bear-a-Cudas

We're taking Luke to his first swim class on Saturday.  We'll be in the pool hangin' out with him, so it'll be pretty fun.  The class is called "Baby Bear-a-Cudas."

Stay tuned for pics next week...

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Walk in the Park

Luke got to go and play in the park for the first time this past weekend. Click here for a few pics that we took. Actually we took about 125 pictures (and deleted the bad ones). I love our digital camera. It has a burst feature that will take 3 pictures per second, so you really go through pictures fast. We've got the Nikon D50 SLR with the 18-55mm lens. I want to get the next lens (55-200mm). Maybe I'll treat myself to it as a graduation present!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Cool Blogger Widget...

I wrote in one of the comments earlier that I'd tell you the real selling point for blogger over the other blog sites (I did really like Typepad, but they have a monthly fee).  So, are you ready for the reason???

It's b/c of my blogger widget that was designed to integrate with blogger.

If you don't know what a widget is, that's b/c you're not using a Mac computer.  There's a link on the side bar to the Apple web page (a little mac evangelism for you there).  My humble opinion is that Macs rock. 

I'm actually using my widget to type and publish this post right now w/o ever having to start a web browser or anything.  I do it directly from the desktop.  Pretty cool.

Friday, March 24, 2006

3 Goals of Parenting...

I had lunch today with a friend who is 20 years and 3 kids ahead of me in life. I like to go to lunch with guys who have gone down the roads of life and fathering so I can pick their brains about stuff. We talked about being a parent and he summed up the goal of parenting in these three statements:

1. Teach your kids to become independent from you.
2. Teach your kids to be dependent on God.
3. Teach your kids they are responsible for their actions.

What do you think???

Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm Going Worldwide...

I've made the big time now. I had my first visitors from outside the U.S. The site meter told me that I got a visit from someone in Ontario, Canada and someone in the Dominican Republic.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NCAA Tourney Update

We totaled up the points in our brackets at the office today... with 40 points I'm tied for last!!!! It's not as bad as it sounds though b/c the guys who are tied for first place are only 1 point ahead of me. Everybody's either tied for first (at 41 pts.) or tied for last (at 40 pts.). Kinda strange. Usually there's somebody leading the pack or limping along at the back. Sweet 16 starts tomorrow...

Sermon Update

All went well with the sermon this morning. One of the guys in the class said it was the best student sermon he'd ever heard. Guess he hasn't heard many sermons (ha!!). This was my senior sermon, which means that the profs will evaluate it along with all the other senior sermons from other guys and choose the top 4 preachers to speak during senior preaching week. (I'm not holding my breath.) Here's a really basic outline.

Eternal Eyes
2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (context falls back on preceeding verses, starting with 7)
I. Your focus determines your hope. (16)
II. Understand hardships from the eternal perspective. (17)
A. 3 comparisons - circumstance, time, weight
B. View life's hardships as opportunities.
III. You have a choice in the set of eyes you look through. (18)
A. Momentary eyes - look at your situation
B. Eternal eyes - look beyond your situation

Despite all the hardships Paul experienced in his life, he boldly said, "We do not lose heart." You can say the same, just keep an eternal perspective on everything that happens.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Luke is 6 months old...

I put up a couple of new pictures of Luke on the website. Click here to go to the picture page. Luke was 6 months old on Sunday...unbelievable. He was just born the other day. Now he's sitting up and doing all sorts of other cool tricks.


This is the greatest show on TV.  It's the one hour of TV that I watch every week (w/the exception of some basketball during the NCAA tourney).  It comes on Monday nights at 9pm EST on FOX.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Sermon

I'm working on my sermon which I'll preach on Wednesday in my preaching class.  The passage is 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, 

"Therefore we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.  For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."  

Give me a few thoughts about these verses.  These are some of my favorite verses in Paul's writings.  I'll post my outline a little bit later.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

NCAA 1st Round disaster picks...

Okay, I did fairly well in the first round except for two disaster picks
1.  I picked Iowa to go to the eliete 8.
2.  I picked Kansas to play in the championship game (this really hurts).

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Moment You've Been Waiting for...

I've finally given to the pressure. I've been reading blogs for about 3 or 4 months now and decided to go ahead and jump in with my own.

I'll probably write about a little bit of everything, but don't expect anything too profound.