Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adventures in Home Ownership

Emily and I are about to finish our second month as home owners this week. Here's some of the joys we've experienced so far...

1. Our house has a built-in grill on the back porch. The first time I went to use it I found a mouse nest with a mamma mouse and 3 babies inside our grill. So I ran the mouse off (unsuccessfully tried to kill it) and gave the grill a good cleaning. A week and a half later I went to grill again and the mouse had come back in the grill and rebuilt the nest!!! This time the mouse did not escape. Victory was mine.

2. I use those glue boards in my garage to catch insects. Here's the list of things I've caught on the glue boards besides insects. 2 birds (they get in the garage and try to eat the insects but get stuck on the glue board), 1 snake (this was a nice catch), 1 mouse.

3. Our house is two stories. Luke has fallen down the stairs.

4. We've been rolled twice.

5. Life is great and God is so gracious. I'm glad to have a house.

Later folks.


keith said...

Is your house new enough to find a nail that the builders drove through a base board and a water pipe at the same time? They stay pretty well sealed for a few years or until a few sub-freezing days in January go by. Then they leak until you find them in May and can only be repaired through a big hole in the sheet rock in your living room. We thank God for our home warranty that year and our friend who does free sheet rock repair.

chipearle said...

We had new shingles put down this summer only to find out that the original builders had not put in adequate ventilation for the attic space and the plywood on the roof had dry rotted and we had to replace our entire roof. Added about $1500 onto the cost of the job. Very fun!