Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Month to Go

Today is April 13th. I graduate on May 13th...but who's counting?

I have one question. All of these people who have taught me over the past several years are called Dr. This and Dr. That (real names withheld to protect the innocent...) because they have earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree. When I graduate next month, I'll have the degree Master of Theology. So here's my one question...since we are calling people by their degree title, will anybody be calling me "Master Bass"? I doubt that will be happening.

Although I'll have the degree Master of Theology, that's not a good description of who I am. As one of my profs told me recently, "When they declare you a Master of Theology...don't you believe it." Seminary has been a great road, and I've learned so much, but it's only the beginning of a journey..................


keith said...

actually, before you were married, you would have been called Master Bass. now it's "Mister." not sure where that tradition originated, though.

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