Friday, November 17, 2006

Community Thanksgiving Service

I was asked several weeks ago to preach at the community wide Thanksgiving service this Sunday night (19th). I feel this is a great honor and opportunity. This will probably be about the largest group of people I've ever gotten to preach for, except for that time I filled in for Billy Graham during one of his crusades and the Sunday last year when Charles Stanley called me to fill in for him while he was on vacation.

You can pray for me. The Billy Graham and Charles Stanley things were no prob, but I'm a little nervous about this one.

Later folks...


chipearle said...

I hope it all went well. I was thinking about you when I was at our service last night.

keith said...

If blogger was working when I first read this post, I would have dared you to dress up like a pilgrim for the service. But it wasn't, so I didn't.