Friday, May 26, 2006

Preachin' Man

In the first week that we're back I'll be preaching at two churches who are considering us to be their pastor. You all can be praying for Emily and I to know if one of these churches is the place where God is leading us. This will probably be the last post for a while with our move coming on Monday, and visiting churches after we get back. See you later world...

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm Feeling Boxed in...

Monday 29th is our move out date, and the boxes have replaced all the pictures on our walls.  We're now about 4 boxes high around the walls of the living room.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Follow Greg's Treatments

I've got a link on the right sidebar to Greg Fay's blog. His family set up this blog for family and friends to keep track of Greg's progress in treating his cancer. I'm the same age as Greg's son, Ian. We grew up together in the same church.

New Photos Up...

I loaded up some new photos to our website last night. Click here to see them. Happy viewing.

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Meditation on Faith...

I read Hebrews 11 in my devo this morning. Verse 1 says, "Faith is the reality of things hoped for, the proof of things not seen." Have you ever stopped to think about how faith could possibly be the reality or the proof of future things???

We don't understand so that we may believe. We believe so that we may understand. The Christian life is faith seeking understanding. As you read Hebrews 11 you find in verse 39 "All these (the people written about in ch. 11) were approved through their faith, but they did not receive what was promised..." The great giants of our religion had only their faith in this lifetime (how's that for you prosperity gospel people???). Their faith was reality and it became their eternal hope upon death.

Chapter 12 tells us that these great giants of faith are now a great cloud of witnesses around us as we make our trek through the world. Will you make your trek by faith???

I haven't dissapeared

Well, it's been a while since I've written. A lot has happened. Both my parents and Emily's parents came down to visit for graduation. I am now master of the theological universe (my degree says something like that). Our church also ordained me as a minister in the Southern Baptist denomination. I have not found the church that Emily and I will be ministering at yet. God will bring it about in his timing.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Close vote...

The church voted in the service this past weekend as to whether or not I should be ordained to the ministry. I had 50.3% of the popular vote but in the electoral college I fell short by a few votes...but they're going to ordain me anyways because I filed a lawsuit to have the hanging chads recounted and it ends up that I got 100% of the vote...close call.

Ordination is on May 13th. Same day as graduation. Same day as Luke's dedication. Geez...who's planning these events???

It is finished

All my classwork is turned in as of today. I can hear the applause. If I passed everything this semester then I'll graduate on May 13. (I hope that's a small if). Later...