Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sermon Update

All went well with the sermon this morning. One of the guys in the class said it was the best student sermon he'd ever heard. Guess he hasn't heard many sermons (ha!!). This was my senior sermon, which means that the profs will evaluate it along with all the other senior sermons from other guys and choose the top 4 preachers to speak during senior preaching week. (I'm not holding my breath.) Here's a really basic outline.

Eternal Eyes
2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (context falls back on preceeding verses, starting with 7)
I. Your focus determines your hope. (16)
II. Understand hardships from the eternal perspective. (17)
A. 3 comparisons - circumstance, time, weight
B. View life's hardships as opportunities.
III. You have a choice in the set of eyes you look through. (18)
A. Momentary eyes - look at your situation
B. Eternal eyes - look beyond your situation

Despite all the hardships Paul experienced in his life, he boldly said, "We do not lose heart." You can say the same, just keep an eternal perspective on everything that happens.


Mark said...

i can't figure out why the indenting didn't come out right in the outline (this is my detail-oriented side coming out)

ashli said...

Your teaching/preaching is a gift and you are good at it! I wouldn't be suprised if you were one of the four. Even if you aren't, I'd like to hear your sermon in class on Saturday night...even if you have to break it down.

On another subject, I heard Caedmon's Call: In the Company of Angels II and thought it was really good. Thought I remembered that you like them.