Monday, October 23, 2006

Getting' Back into the Blog

Okay folks, I've been incredibly busy starting this pastoring job. I've practically forgotten about the blog during this time, but I want to keep it up for the millions of you worldwide who thirst for the wisdom from this blog. Yeah right.

I'm going to shut down our website. The website is shutting down because it costs money but this blog is free. Also the purposes of the website were to publish photos for our family to see since we were living far away and to publish my resume for potential churches to be able to download it. Both of those things have changed now.

We'll post our pics on the blog from time to time rather than on the website.

I'm coming up on two months as the pastor of First Baptist Smithville. It's really incredible so far. Emily and I have received so much encouragement from the people, and I'm really enjoying preaching. God has been good to us. I'll post pics soon.

God bless friends....Mark

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