Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is the last round of pics I took off of my camera. I don't have enough time today to do more indiviual post so I'm dumping everything on here. This is our Flordia vacation with my parents and BBQ for Roth and Jessica.

Becca- I hope your happy now!!! :)

A Day with Mamsie and Grandpa

When Mark's parents came to visit last month we had fun at a local boat dock with a great park! It had manual SNORTS! If you are not familar with what a snort is please read the book Are You My Mother.

Water Lovin' Baby

Sarah loves to splash in the water! I just make sure she has her own water!! (See next post!) Haha

Bare Bottom on the watertable


We enjoy playing outside, a lot! Since I am trying my very best to potty train Luke I thought it would be a great idea to have picnic and play outside in his underwear! Well, I think he likes going commando better!!! Just remember to not drink the water!

Zoo fun

Last month
we enjoyed our first trip to the Nashville Zoo with friends from church. It was very hot but I'm glad we went then instead of now because it is much hotter now! Luke liked holding hands with Emma and Juliana the best! Sarah and Graham kept each other company in the stroller:)