Monday, June 19, 2006

Decision Making???

Do you think the Christian community is valuable in decision making and discerning the will of God? How much should we seek the advice of others? I'm reading a pretty good book about God's will called The Mystery of God's Will.

Our Florida trip was really good. Nice break.


chipearle said...

Good question. I think my answer is that we should be, but we aren't. I, all too often, hear people say that the car they wanted wasn't available in the car they wanted and that was God's will that they shouldn't have the car. That burns me up because I doubt God is dealing with our car colors when hurricanes come through and wipe out people's homes. Where was God then? I mean, come on. All this to say I think we have a massively distorted view on what God's will actually is. Not to say that I'm correct here, but I think we find God's will in the words of Jesus. Love God and love people. Everything we do should stem from that. Instead of asking what God's will is for my life, I think I should ask, what is God's will and how does my life reflect that? Just my opinion. Take it for what it's worth.

chipearle said...

I meant to say "the car they wanted wasn't available in the color they wanted"

Mark said...

Great point...everybody is looking for God's personal individualized will for their life. I would say that God has a will, and we need to find his will and plug into it.