Monday, November 20, 2006

Humanity never changes

I watched the 4th quarter of the Chargers-Broncos last night after our Community Thanksgiving service. As a side note, when Emily saw the team initials "SD" beside the Chargers' score on the TV she said as serious as could be, "What do all those football players do in South Dakota when they're not playing football?" I just said, "I guess they go hang out in San Diego."

Back to what I was going to say...The Chargers were up by 8 points with a little over a minute remaining and Denver had the ball on their own 4 yard line, so they have to go 96 yards for the touchdown and score the 2 point conversion. Practically impossible, but the Broncos got a big play and move the ball out to the 40, and then one of the Chargers defensive linemen got man and started punching a Broncos player. That got him ejected and gave the Broncos another 15 yards on the penalty.

Who's team is this guy playing on? It's not about his petty revenge on some other player. It's about the team winning. When will we ever figure out that everything is not about us? For that guy it was about his team winning the football game.

For Christians out there...this whole thing is not about you. It's all for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Get over yourself and starting playing for the team. Let go of grudges and forgive.


keith said...

Maybe the guy said something about his momma.

Mark said...

Now we're gettin' to the root of the problem.