Monday, August 06, 2007

Sabbatical Day 1...

Thank you FBC Smithville for this sabbatical week. It's Monday evening. Here's a some of things I did today...

I read and meditated in the Psalms. I love how the emotions of the psalmists come pouring through their writings. It's beautiful.

I read a big chunk of Ed Stetzer's book Comeback Churches. I look forward to finishing this book and reading / discussing it with the staff.

I spent time in prayer. I prayed through about half of the prayer requests that you gave me last Wednesday. I prayed for the church. I prayed for the staff.

And speaking of the staff...I'll leave you with this pic of the 3 of us at our July 4th cookout gathered around the grill doing what men do.

I feel like God has really blessed FBC and created a great ministerial team.

Until tomorrow...

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