Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost Season Conclusion

Well...I would give the 2 hour conclusion of Lost an overall positive rating.

  1. too many commercials...during the second half of the first hour the commercials were coming about every 4-5 minutes...i know, i know, that's what DVR's are for
  2. they killed didn't have to lock himself in the flooding room when he could have walked out the door and closed it behind him
  3. how many lives does that crazy one-eyed guy have? they've killed him twice in the past few weeks and he keeps coming back...give me a break
  1. the flashback with bearded Jack totally had me was actually a flash forward...very nice
  2. they are really developing John Locke to be Jack's nemesis...he's practically a superhero the way his body heals itself
  3. the overall storyline of the show is developing nicely
  4. the ending with future Jack and Kate was great, but you know that they're not actually going to get rescued from the phone call to that boat off the island anytime soon b/c there's 3 seasons left, so...can they change their future???
  5. Emily wanted me to note that she disliked the ending b/c she wanted Jack and Kate to get together
  6. It was cool to see Ben get beat up and to see the girl embrace her real mom
  1. John and Ben will return to the others and John will become the leader of the others
  2. it will become Jack vs. John
  3. Desmund will be the real hero of the story...he's just too cool
  4. Ben was actually right about the boat...something bad will come from it
What do you think???


keith said...

I refuse to read this post, because it surely contains lots of spoilers to a show I've never seen but in which I would have to invest upteen hours to catch up to the rest of the world and be able to contribute to this discussion.

Mark said...

I think you should run out and buy about $200 worth of DVDs in order to catch up.

What da ya think?

Anthony said...

I heard someone on another message board say that they thought Ben and John were actually two sides of the same persona (the island?). Ben is the evil side and John is the good side. Interesting theory...

I enjoyed the episode, especially the twist of the "flashback".

Stinks about Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Who cares!!!..."24" is over and I'm in withdrawal...Dad