Sunday, May 06, 2007

Congrats to Anthony and Jackie

This morning, FBC Smithville voted overwhelmingly to bring Anthony Rosolowski onto the pastoral staff as the pastor of music and worship. I'm really excited to have Anthony coming (he won't start till end of June). He's going to bring a great dynamic to the church.

As a congratulatory blog present to Anthony and Jackie I'm adding a sidebar link to their blog.

We have a really young church staff (which I think is good). I'm the old man around the place at 29 years. Brett and Anthony are both young kids at only 27 years.

Please pray for FBC Smithville that our church staff will gel, and that we can proclaim the greatness of God's name in our city and county and wherever else God leads us. I'm excited for the future to see how God works.


A + J said...

Now that we have our link on your blog I feel like it is all official! I guess I'll have to learn how to put in the links so I can return the favor.

We are really excited about coming and can't wait for June to get here. We'll see you all in a few weeks.


Anthony said...

Thanks Mark!

We are blessed to be coming to Smithville and look forward to contributing to God's work there.

For anyone reading, Mark deserves a plug. He has demonstrated a servant attitude from day one in this process and has been a huge blessing to us. His love for God and the church is very evident and we are grateful to have him as our pastor.


Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'll get your payment in the mail shortly ;)