Thursday, April 12, 2007

This is Hilarious...

I said in the previous post that Emily had been sick for a while...that included a lot of throwing up. During the daytime when I was at work Luke would follow Emily into the bathroom and watch her throw up. So the other day Luke and I were in the bathroom and he walks over to the toilet, bends over, makes a big throw up sound, and then looks up at me and laughs.

We can now ask Luke, "What does mommy do when she gets sick?" and in response Luke will look at you and make the throw up sound. Yes...our son now walks around the house making a pukeing noise.

Don't ever believe that your kids aren't learning as they watch you.


lauren said...

Is this pregnancy sickness or flu stuff? I lost weight at first with Hannah... called it the pregnancy diet program. Zofran helped me quite a bit.

That's so funny that Luke is copying her.

Mark said...

She already had the pregnancy sickness. This round was from a virus.