Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Praying for the Rosolowski's

FBC Smithville has been looking for a music and worship pastor. We've found a fantastic couple...Anthony and Jackie Rosolowski. Could I ask you all to be praying for them as they begin to make their way in our direction? They live in Raleigh, NC right now as Anthony is finishing up at Southeastern Baptist Seminary.

They'll be spending the weekend of May 4th-6th with us, and our church will vote to call them here on Sunday, May 6. I remember how nervous I was during the time Emily and I were doing the same thing last summer to come here and pastor.

So, pray that God will work all things out smoothly for them and that this will be a fantastic time of joy and peace for FBC Smithville.


A + J said...

Thank you for your kind words and asking for prayer for us. We certainly will need it as we are both extremely excited and yet we still have work to complete in NC. We look forward to next weekend and then coming to Smithville permanently.

If you haven't seen our blog, it is ajcomewhatmay.blogspot.com. I've been wanting to put info up about all of this but we'll have to wait until everything is finalized before I can do that!!

See you next week.


Mark said...

I will have a nice "blog present" for you when you are officially on your way here...

a link to your blog on my sidebar!!!

I can see the excitement on your faces now.

keith said...

Watch out! Those who have lived in Raleigh for any period of time and who, in turn, move back to "the woods" will need to undergo what I call "convenienceville detox." It's just not the same without three super duper walmarts within an eight mile radius.

You've got to watch out for those Southeastern people, too. Liberals. ;)

Mark said...


We are definitely in the woods, no doubt, but we have a mini super walmart in the woods. I'm still waiting for a stinking starbucks. There's not a single coffee house in this town. Guess I never completed my detox from Dallas.

Liberals, eh? Let me speak with your wife about that.

keith said...

No coffee houses? Sounds like a great "ministry area" for the church.