Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday Month!

Well, here at the Bass house we don't like to celebrate just one day.....we celebrate about 2 weeks!! It has been a very busy couple of weeks and things are just now slowing down enough for me to post some pics of the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY. Thank you to all of our friends who came and all of your generosity. For those of you too far away we missed you and wished you were here!
The party was sports themed since Luke loves anything that has to do with a ball. We had mini cupcake golf balls (although no one really understood what they were..they looked like white cupcakes with check marks- Nike swoosh- on them!), and big cupcakes decorated like soccer balls and baseballs. We had a bounce house, croquet, corn hole, putt putt, and pick up ducks and a pool of balls for the babies. And the biggest hit was.....THE SANDBOX and pick-up ducks!!!! Oh well, fun was had by all. Sorry I didn't take many pics b/c I was sort of busy, but my friend Becca took some but I don't know how to get them on here!! My m-n-law is also making me a cd of hers so hopefully I will have more later!

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happymcfamily said...

When you go to look at the pics at shutterfly that I sent you, you can right click on the picture (when you are viewing the pictures one at a time and they are bigger). When you right click a drop down menu will appear and you can save the file to your computer. Then you just add them like any other pics from your own computer.