Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Well, Mother's Day is always special because you are just so grateful for your kids, but I had a sick one this year. Luke has come down with a horrible rash and fever. the dr. thinks it's Scarlett Fever but isn't 100% sure. Bless his little heart!!! Keep him in your prayers please!


happymcfamily said...

Poor little guy! We missed him at the trike-a-thon today!
Sarah was a good little poser for this picture :)

a wandering heart said...

Hannah and I enjoyed seeing you guys today. Hopefully next time she won't have the premature "boys have cooties" syndrome!

c.w. goad said...

Hi Mark. I didn't know you are a pastor. That's great. Looks like you have a wonderful family too.

Be blessed and live raw today!
Chester Goad
TTU 98, 02