Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bye! Bye! Paci!!!

Luke has made another huge leap towards being an independent Big Boy!! He selflessly gave his pacifers to his 2 newest friends Carsyn and Cooper (who we will offically meet in May.) Luke and Mark went around the house and found all of the pacies. Then we wrapped them up and hand delivered the most precious possessions he has ever owned!! He was timid when we got to Carsyn's house but he gave them up!! Yea!!! The next week was VERY HARD on all of us! He would pick up my cell phone and pretend to talk to Carsyn and say "Baby Carsyn..I need my pacies back please! " To celebrate his accomplishment we took him Glow-Golf at Opry Mills. It was lots of fun! Everything is better now! Now all we have left to conquer is Potty training!! Heaven Help us!

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