Friday, October 05, 2007

Things Kids Say 2

This morning Luke woke up asking where Sarah was. He was concerned about her.

So Emily asked Luke back, "Where is Sarah?"

Luke's response, "In the car." We got in late last night so I guess he thought we left her in the car.

I asked Luke, "What should we do?"

Luke's response, "Get her."

It really is awesome that he loves her. He is very good to her with the exception of an occasional hit.

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Hillary said...

Hey may or may not remember me...your wife would probably be more likely to remember me. My name is Hillary...I'm married now, so she wouldn't recognize my last name as anything but Cantrell. I was also an education major at Tech... Anyway, Erin Anderson is a close friend of mine, so Keith told me that you had a blog. I checked it out. I am originally from Smithville...lived there most of my life...23 years... :) So, I just thought it was great that you are pastoring there now. We have two boys and a girl...and our little girl's name is Sarah. ;) Take care! (I didn't see a way to contact you on this page rather than to leave a that's why it's here...hope I didn't miss the right place.)