Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Arizona/Mexico Report

Here's the entrance to the community where we served all week. The community is called Cuauhtemoc. There's about 400-500 people who live there. There's only one Christian church in this community. We helped to work on the building that the church is using. The only other church there is a Catholic one. They only have services about once per quarter. The catholicism is very cultic in Mexico. They have a lot of mini-shrines with statues in them on the sides of the road where they go and pray to different people.

These are some of the kids who came to our VBS. We had about 50 kids each day.

This is our team with the pastor (Roberto) of the church in Cuauhtemoc and his wife (Chayito).

This is Tim, Jennifer, and Christian Scarbrough. They are the founders of Living Water Ministry, based in Naco, AZ. Naco is a border town between Arizona and Mexico. Cuauhtemoc is about a 20 minute drive into Mexico from Naco. They have restarted the only church in Naco, AZ that had previously been closed down for the last few years. The Scarbroughs hosted us for the week and allowed us to stay in their church in Naco.


Geoff Baggett said...

Awesome report. How did you connect with this ministry in Arizona?

Mark said...


Tim and Jennifer were members of my parents' church in Clinton, TN when God called them to start this ministry. Mom got me in touch with Tim last fall before they left for Arizona. Tim came and preached and shared their vision at FBC Smithville last November so our church would know the people we would be partnering with.

Chip Earle said...

Sounds like some good things happened. I'm glad it all went well. I hope no one came home with the Mexico water poops. I've had those. Not fun.

Mark said...

We didn't drink the local water for that reason. We did eat in a few authentic restaurants on the Mexican side of the border. And we had lunch made by some of the ladies in Cuauhtemoc one day. No problems with the food.