Monday, March 19, 2007

Luke's Stunt...

Yesterday Emily was in our bedroom cleaning up for a few minutes and she thought after a few minutes that she hadn't heard Luke doing anything (usually he makes a lot of strange noises as he plays). She found him sitting on the kitchen table eating cake (all over his face) and holding a kitchen knife in one hand.

We had no clue he had the ability to climb up on the kitchen table.

I think life's about to get interesting.

More Luke pics coming soon!!!


happymcfamily said...

Wow Luke, that's impressive!
(p.s.-it's about time you guys posted again :)

Mark said...

Yeah it's impressive, but...a little bit scary too.

I fall into these times when I get busy and just forget to post.

chipearle said...

I was beginning to wonder if you were still alive

Anonymous said...

Ask Chip about how he used to climb up on the kitchen counter & then the top of the refrig !!!!

Is it time for more expanbable gates? :-) kjb